February 8-9, 2020 Hotel Indigo, Los Angeles, CA

About the Conference

For the first time in 2019, PRESENT e-Learning Systems brought their unique CME conference format to the 37-year-old Los Angeles County Podiatric Medical Association (LACPMA) Treasure Hunt Conference. This resulted in 290+ attendees, 12 hours of CME, and six complimentary hands-on workshops to a standing room only audience. Program Co-Chairmen Drs Harold Schoenhaus, Robert Lee, and Gabe Halperin collaborated to design an innovative program of podiatric surgery, medicine, and wound care. Featured presentations included Dr Gabe Halperin’s Medicare Updates, Dr Frank Kase’s Health Policy Update, a Coding Update from Dr Jeffrey Lehrman, DME Billing by Dr Paul Kesselman, Practical Biomechanics for Lower Extremity Surgery by Dr Jarrod Shaprio, Living Skin Equivalents in Advanced Wound Care by Dr James Stavotsky, OSSIOfiber™, a New Bio-Integrative Fixation Material for Forefoot Applications by Dr Bob Bavavarian, DPM, and Lapidus Bunionectomy by Dr Harold Schoenhaus.

The Conference is being expanded in 2020 with 9 complimentary hands-on workshops, a lecture program based on the feedback that we got from attendees last year, and a new layout to avoid the overcrowding we experienced last year.

New in 2020 will be a program to help California podiatrists fulfill their state mandated radiology requirement.

Conference Co-Chairmen

PRESENT Treasure Hunt 2019 Conference Co-Chairmen LACPMA President Robert Lee, DPM, Harold Schoenhaus, DPM and Gabe Halperin, DPM

Conference Co-Chairmen

Gabe Halperin, DPM delivers his annual Medicare Update at the new PRESENT Treasure Hunt 2019 Conference in downtown Los Angeles

LACPMA Star Award Recipient

Robert K Lee, DPM presents the 2019 Star Award to Jan Winter, long time Executive Director and current Special Events Coordinator at LACPMA.

Rumble Winners

2019 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Photo Album

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Conference Co-Chairs

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Harold Schoenhaus, DPM

Robert Lee, DPM

Robert Lee, DPM

Halperin, DPM

Gabriel Halperin, DPM