PRESENT Treasure Hunt 2020 PRESENTED to Record Crowd in Los Angeles

About the Conference

One of the largest county podiatry meetings in the country took place on February 8-9, 2020 in Los Angeles. The newest conference offered by PRESENT was supported by overflowing crowds in the lecture hall, workshops, and exhibit hall. Podiatry reality star Ebonie Vincent, DPM did live video reporting from the Conference which were broadcast on the PRESENT Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Several speakers from the 2020 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Conference have generously agreed to make their lecture slides available to download. You can access these files at this LINK.

Conference Co-Chairmen

PRESENT Treasure Hunt 2020 Conference Co-Chairmen Robert Lee, DPM, Past President of LACPMA, Harold Schoenhaus, DPM, and Gabe Halperin, DPM.

Gabe Halperin, DPM

Ebonie Vincent, DPM interviews Harold Schoenhaus, DPM at the 2020 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Conference in downtown Los Angeles.
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LACPMA Star Award Recipient

Robert Lee, DPM received the LACPMA Star Award this year honoring his 3 years of service as President of the Los Angeles County Podiatric Medical Association. He was honored by warm statements by new President Ara Kelekian, DPM and longtime partner and friend Alan Singer, DPM as his wife and children looked on.

Star Award

LACPMA Star Award recipient, Robert Lee, DPM with his wife and children.

Rumble Winners

LACPMA President Ara Kelekian, DPM and Alan Singer, DPM present Robert Lee, DPM with the 2020 LACPMA Star Award.

2020 PRESENT Treasure Hunt Photo Album

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